National Recruiting & Retention online Webinar

I am so pleased that industry experts like Kelly Henderson, Scott Rea and Joel Mandelbaum have agreed to participate in our Virtual National Recruiting & Retention Mini Symposium which our team has decided to host on June 26th. Let’s face it folks, these are...

A Few Thoughts about Recruiting

The driver shortage continues to be the number one concern in our industry for most.  With our business ventures we get to talk to all types of companies who have driver issues, we attend many events annually and as a buddy says “you can’t swing a cat around a room by...

Recruitment of Top Talent

There is lots of noise going on when it comes to recruitment of talent in our industry.  At Transrep we have been in the placement business for a number of years.  Let me clarify our market, we recruit and place in positions in all management levels up to senior...

My Recent Book Experience – Winning Online

If your in business who doesn’t want to increase their visibility and crush their competition.  Harry, my mentor use to say to say “keep your friends close and competition closer and as long as your driving the bus all your competitors are just passengers watching you...

Protecting Your Drivers By Protecting Your Cargo

Recently I have been asking a lot of questions about cargo theft trying to find out how this growing problem is being dealt with.  It has become a hot topic, some people speak about it openly and some tend not to be as open. The problem is real and the number one...

Can Simulation Help with Recruiting, You Bet!

Recently TransRep was hired by L3 Driver Training Solutions to do some strategic marketing and assist in raising their brand awareness. During our research at the early stages we learned just how helpful embracing simulation could be for recruiting people into our...

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