TransRep is excited to announce their third
National Recruiting and Retention Symposium
taking place on May 25th & 26th, 2022
8am — 4pm
 in Truro, Novia Scotia

Sponsorship Opportunities:

With an expected audience of over 175 Recruiters/Human Resources from transportation companies don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your company, products and services.

Why Attend?

Key issues affecting the transportation industry always revolve around Recruitment, Retention and Human Resources. People in the transportation industry deserve to have educational opportunities to be the best and to have access to continued education and resources to grow within their sector. Those attending the full day will receive a Certificate. Join us Thursday Night for the Industry Appreciation Networking and Prize Night.

What Industry Leaders are saying...

Mike Millian President, Private Motor Truck Council of Canada

For years the Private sector did not have to actively recruit, most Private Fleets had a waiting list of drivers who wanted to work for the best of the best. In recent times that has changed, while Private Fleets are able to fill the seats still for the most part, the competition for talent is stronger, and the supply of qualified drivers is waning…Private Fleets must now become more involved in actively recruiting the driver of tomorrow today, if they don’t the seats won’t remain full for long.

Kelly Henderson Executive Director, Trucking Human Resources Sector Council Atlantic

Innovative approaches to a dated challenge? Understanding hiring trends in other sectors. Increasing productivity and reducing turnover costs? This conference promises to take attendees to the next level in preparation for diverse workplaces. A must attend recruiting and retention event for 2019!

Chris Harris CEO, Safety Dawg Inc.

From what I see, recruiting is not the problem or an issue. Companies are pretty good at recruiting. It is the retention that is the issue. Companies need to learn to retain the drivers that they recruit. They need to listen to the drivers. Find out what the drivers issues and concerns are and then do everything to fix their company. From what I see, most companies are too eager to please the shippers (the one that pay the bills) and either refuse to listen to the drivers or just plain abuse them.

Kimberly Biback Corporate Relations, Marketing & Outside Rep, Media Developer and Web, Sharp Transportation Systems Inc.

When recruiting, it is more than about catching fish in a net. If relationships are two-sided, then so it is with recruiting. While your organization is recruiting candidates, your candidates are also recruiting you. The focus should be on establishing a foundation of vision, values and culture and subsequently building relationships with candidates that are mutually aligned with that foundation. This serves to foster longer term partnerships between organization and employee. There is nothing that instills more confidence in an organization than their ability to retain longstanding loyal employees. That speaks volumes about the company culture and credibility. An organization has reached ultimate success in their strategy when they are no longer seeking, but sought out.

Christina Salvatore President, Salvatore Insurance Brokers Ltd.

When I speak to any of my trucking clients, recruiting and retention is their number one struggle. Finding and attracting the right talent is key to any organization but it affects the trucking sector in a unique way. Without drivers, those wheels simply do not turn. You can’t run a trucking company on your own; drivers, dispatch, mechanics, safety, and admin all play a critical role to keeping goods moving across our country. I see companies trying to recruit from schools, career fairs, and working with their industry associations to attract talent. But it’s a struggle that is shared among many. There isn’t one company this doesn’t impact.

Andy Balij President & CEO, The Musket Transport Ltd.

The #1 issue facing carriers when it comes to recruitment and retention, is driver rates. By ensuring driver satisfaction we’ve experienced record low levels of turnover. In order to maintain competitiveness carriers must be responsive to the needs of modern drivers with regards to technological support and other innovative practices.

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