Who’s In your Square Squad?

For the last 10 months I have been focused on working on my leadership skills. I think I am decent leader but I want to be better. As a young competitive athlete I was known as a team guy and was fortunate enough to be part of some pretty amazing teams both on the ice...

Virtual Meeting Regarding Finishing Programs

As the industry starts to ramp up again and the driver shortage escalates along with the hard insurance market mentoring new drivers and having a solid finishing program is important. On Thursday November 25th at 10 am the TTSAO Carrier Group and the TTSAO Insurance...

Stay In the Know During These Extraordinary Times

We are in extraordinary times for sure. These times are revolutionary without a doubt. The only way organizations will win during these extraordinary and revolutionary times moving forward is with new models. A new model of revolutionary change. We as an industry need...

Being Busy

Why do people always feel the need to play up their busyness, saying or pretending your busy all the time is not sharing anything of value. When you constantly wear the “busy bee” badge your really just showing the world that your not making very good choices with...

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