As most of you know we make a living in the education business at Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists Inc. and our team has been doing a really good job at it for nearly three decades.  From a leadership perspective for most of those years our philosophy has been to hire the right people, give them the tools to do the job, pay them well and then get out of their way. When I use the term tools I mean Education.

I hear quite often in our industry, and I’m sure it is the same with other industries, when talking about investing in people’s education leadership saying, “I get disappointed when we invest in training and education, pay for it and then people leave for other opportunities”.  That’s ok but the alternative question is what if you don’t invest in training and education in your people and they stay? What’s that do for your business?

With today’s competitive market for great people and you wanting good people working in your businesses you had better invest in training and education.  Yes, some of them will leave, some of them will stay but I would suggest to you that we in the trucking industry are in the relationship business.  It’s a pretty tight fraternity so once people are in our industry they tend to stay, so treat them well when they are with your company and if they leave, unless they go to work for a direct competitor, they will send you business. They will remember how you treated them. Believe me, I have been on both sides of the fence on this one.

So, let’s look at the Driven to Lead Program presented by Eagles Flight, the investment and the return of committing to sending one of your people.  If you’re a PMTC member it’s $1800.00 for the four courses which are one day in length per course so that’s $450.00 per day or as I do the math that is $50.00 per hour to be involved. Factor in what your paying your employee and time away from the office and the investment is minimal even for small businesses. Remember what happens if you don’t educate them and they stay.  If you’re not a member of PMTC it’s $2300.00 so why not just join this incredible organization and take advantage of all their savings and benefits they offer you as a member.

Now that we have the investment figured out let’s break down each session and list all the reasons you shouldn’t have your employees attend after you decide if any of these topics does not create return to your bottom line;

1) creating a culture of credibility

2) building and leading teams

3) communicating for impact

4) coaching for results

That didn’t take long did it? Do you want to go deeper on the investment? Let me share with you how much this investment costs when we look at investing in your people over a year in the Driven to Lead Program. If there are 252 work days in the year your investment is just above $7.00 per day or $35.00 per week to send someone to the Driven to Lead program. The other thing you need to consider is the confidence building this will have for the employees you send. Surrounding themselves with like minded people will show them they belong, they can become better and they will commit to becoming better because of the investment you have made in them.

At the end of the day it’s your call, the Driven to Lead Program may be just what your future leaders needs.  Looking to register someone contact the PMTC at or call 905 827 0587.