Good things happen to companies that understand business success is measured by more than just profitability.  Today more than ever your customers expectations are higher than they ever have been. Customers or business clients who purchase your services or products are interested in your ethics, your values and your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

At our business intersection there is an addition to sales forecasts, leadership training, team meetings and huddles and brand recognition, that addition is a buisness strategy that includes CSR.  When you think of CSR the first company I think of is Tim Hortons, that would be nationally, globally I think of McDonalds. Tim Hortons has the kids camps and their hockey programs to name two of many, McDonalds has Ronald McDonalds House and many others. These are just two of thousands if not hundreds of thousands companies who understand and embrace CSR.  CSR is not just for big companies that are global or national, certainly they set a great example for all business leaders and companies to think about it.

How about trucking, let’s take a look at the many great companies and organizations who embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.  Convoy for Special Olympics, Trucks for Change Network, Convoy For a Cure, Trucking For Wishes, these organizations raise tons of cash and do great things for our industry and communities.  There are companies in our industry that tie education to charity golf tournaments,  Transcore Link Logistics is a shining example of a company in our industry that has an amazing CSR commitment.  Along with there annual education and golf event they have the LinkScholar Program, this program touches deserving high school students that help financially with their post secondary education through financial scholarships.

Trucking For Wishes Lead by NAL Insurance has hosted numerous events over the years to raise funds that help grant wishes of children with life threatening illnesses through the Make a Wish Foundation. This does amazing things that help people, the profile it gives our industry, our businesses and the people in it and the success of these events are not only measured by the dollars that are raised.

There is a tremendous amount of self satisfaction that impacts everyone who contributes to embracing CSR.  At our family businesses we embrace as well, we not only participate and contribute to many events throughout the year we have specific scholarships and programs that are focused on improving our industry.  The PMTC – KRTS Driver Training Scholarship Award is an award we sponsor annually awarding one individual full tuition for ‘AZ’ licence certification.  Under our KRTS, TransRep umbrella we are the sole sponsors of the Driven to Lead Program, this certified course is a leadership program that focuses on teamwork, accountability and culture. The Driven to Lead Program is offered as part of the the PMTC Young Leaders Group and their ongoing mission to bring value through education, discussion and networking.  I encourage you to visit the PMTC website at to learn more.

We take CSR serious, it is important to our company, our industry, our people and without a doubt it’s important to our family.  We all have a responsibility to make our industry better, regardless of the size of your company there is something you can do.