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Selling Your Business

Increasing demands for technology (ELDs, Blockchain, and Data Security), the continuing shortage of qualified drivers and higher overall costs often challenge the resolve of even the strongest of company owners. For many, they begin to think about the future of their company and themselves and the “SELL” thought begins to form.

Questions such as:

Can I or do I want to make the investment to bridge the technology gap so I stay compliant and competitive?

Do I have successors in place who can take my company to the next level?

Is my health such that I can continue?

Is this really the time to “Cash Out”?

We at Transrep can help you, as an owner, to find the right solution once that all- important “SELL” decision has been made. The Transrep team understands your needs because we have owned and operated trucking companies and we have managed high value acquisitions. Our broad network of industry contacts means we can quickly identify possible interest in your company and our highly professional approach to confidentiality means the utmost discretion during any negotiations.

The success of the sale of any enterprise depends on the way that opportunity is presented and on discretion of all parties in the transaction. Our team can be your important “Partner” for you to ensure that success.

Buying a Business


There are those who see the current business climate in transportation as an opportunity to strengthen their organizations through acquisition of other companies or perhaps merging with another to expand into larger markets.

When considering the strategy of merging or acquiring, a few of the factors might include:

• How would a new acquisition or alliance fit with our current strategic direction?
• What type of target is best suited to that strategic direction?
• What is the preferred size of the target?
• What markets/industries should the target serve?
• What geographies/lanes should the target operate in?
• What type of a financial deal makes the most sense for our company?
• Do we want to integrate current owners/managers into the new organization?

The experienced members of the Transrep team can help with determining the best approach to these and other issues affecting your decision to acquire or merge with others. Once this part of the project is completed, we can survey our extensive contact base to identify potential targets. In fact, we often are approached by owners who have made the “SELL” decision asking us to help them find a buyer.

Please contact us for a confidential discussion. We look forward to working with you.

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