Executive & Management Recruitment

At TransRep we understand the difference between finding someone to fill an opening and finding someone who will impact your bottom line.  We bring over 75 years of experience from all areas of the transportation industry.  Let us save you time and reduce the cost of pre hires by reaching a broader field of qualified candidates.

TransRep understands that our long term success is based on the continued satisfaction of each client we serve and every candidate we place.

Company FAQ’s

Why would I outsource my hiring for staffing and recruiting when I have a Human Resource (HR) Department?

It is not uncommon for companies with an internal HR Department to use an outside agency. TransRep offers expertise that will save companies time and money and will recruit the right candidate for you. Quite often hiring is “time sensitive” so the traditional hiring methods of newspaper ads, referrals, internet postings, etc. can be very time consuming. Working with TransRep is like going fishing in an aquarium. At TransRep we supply you with qualified candidates. Companies using TransRep are using a company that is industry specific search firm that has decades of experience in the transportation industry.

Where does TransRep find the best candidates?

The best candidates are most always already employed. This includes candidates who are working for your competitors. TransRep identified your needs and fills the position with the right candidate the first time. Most times the candidates you are looking to recruit have no way of effectively promoting their availability and protecting their confidentiality. At TransRep our clients can expect and be assured that confidentiality is a guarantee.

Is working with a recruiting company like TransRep expensive?

We believe at TransRep the investment is work it. The investment can be weighed again the cost easily. Advertising, screening, interviewing, operating without he proper personal can be expensive over any period of time. TransRep will deliver professional, industry specific talent to your door.

I am an employer, how do I proceed?

Simply email your company information to careers@transrep.ca and we contact you for a confidential sharing of information and work with your company to ensure your future HR needs are met.

Candidate FAQ’s

Do you charge a fee?

The employer pays all fees, no charge to the employee.

Are your services confidential?

Absolutely, your information is kept in the strictest confidence until a match has been found and your career expectations have been met.

What is the geographical area TransRep serves?

We service all of North America.

I am an employee, how do I proceed with this service?

Simply email your resume to careers@transrep.ca and we will contact you for a confidential sharing of information and work with you to ensure your future placement matches your career expectations.