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At TransRep we offer customized Social Media programs to trucking fleets, OEM’s, allied trade partners and many more companies in the trucking industry.

You can pretty much swing a dead cat and hit someone that is talking about Social Media in trucking these days. If you have picked up Truck News or attended any number of TCA and OTA functions recently then you have seen a seminar or advertisement regarding Social Media in trucking. Why is that? Well let’s first note that what they are really talking about is the move towards businesses taking advantage of Social Media platforms to market and grow their companies. This is not new to trucking but more so new to all businesses. In just recent months we have begun to see Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all over the TV, billboards, and websites of companies like Coca-Cola, General Motors, IBM and many more.

The corporate community has grabbed a firm hold of Social Media and begun to make its own stream of marketing, sales and interactive communication that is the modern day equivalent of an online trade show, an industry convention, a full-page ad and staff meeting rolled into one.  A business identity through Social Media is the new ‘website’ of today. Imagine just over 15 years ago when someone told you that your company HAD to have a company website….yah, right!

Who jumped on that little trend called the World Wide Web?

Fast forward to 2012 and the New York Times declares that if your company doesn’t have a Facebook Business Page, you’re not online!

So why so much talk about Social Media in trucking? Simply put, the fit is perfect.

Trucking doesn’t have a UPC or a fancy package or a celebrity spokesperson. Trucking is a fraternity, it’s a community and an industry that is widespread yet closely connected at the very same time. On top of that, technology has never been more prominent to truckers – EOBRs, iPhones, BlackBerry’s and laptops are the norm for every employee at every trucking company.

Social Media is an amazing fit for trucking – Connect with your customers, market your services, recruit drivers, embrace your culture and grow your business through interactive up to date messages with electronic newsletters and blogs that are all linked to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

At TransRep we have 75 years of combined experience in the transportation industry and we have a cutting edge Social Media package that is professionally built. Our service is the only Social Media program designed for
trucking by truckers!

Social Media powered by TransRep can offer the following: Customized and branded Social Media pages across all key platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, and a Custom company blog branded and cross-linked to all other platforms! Custom 4 to 5 page company newsletter to drive activity through your network! Social Media Management Packages can provide content and up to date efficacy reporting!

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